Mother Fucking Laser Swords

Posted on February 11th, 2019 by crossbones – Be the first to comment

Buckle up! Ready? This website is 10 years old now! That’s right. I’ve now been making sounds for games for 10 years! I’m still just as charming and handsome as I was back in 2009 and I didn’t get fat at all.

“So, like, dude… where ya been?”

Good question. I know… I haven’t updated anything in about 2 years. I don’t really go out to the big audio things anymore either. I guess I just burnt out on all the posturing and hustling. Most of the sound designers I admire most just focus on their work and have decent life balance priorities. So, I want to be more like them. Also, that stuff gets expensive and write-offs are completely fucked right now (RE: dumb president). I’m going to take a few vacations this year instead of going to Really Big Dev Thingy in SF.

Also, ARKANE STUDIOS AUSTIN BROUGHT ME ON FULL-TIME! Eeeeek! Back in May 2018, they said “yes” and we’ve been in bliss ever since and OMG I love them with my human heart parts so much forevers. Seriously though, it’s really fucking great. The team is fantastic and I’m having the time of my life working there.

Speaking of Arkane, did you play Prey: Mooncrash, the DLC to Prey? I got to do so much fun stuff. There’s this power switch thing that sounds bonkers with the convolution reverb below the main crater. There’s a bone break sound which made people on Reddit completely disgusted. There’s a new enemy called the Moon Shark that goes all “rraaaahhh!” and “Roooaaarrs!” that I made with some Kontakt synths and hyper processed animals. There’s this part where you make a copy of your brain and upload it to a robot and then become that robot and then you’re going to be like “WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?!” Ooh ooh ooh and, yo, there’s a mother fuckin’ laser sword! And it’s all “vvumm vvwwuummm skrrruummm” but not like a lightsaber. Mooncrash sounds fucking dope. You should play it.

All in all, things have been pretty fucking amazing. Not bad for some punk burnout that probably was only going to live to be 30.

Also, fuck the wall.

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