Been busy

Hey everyone.  Everything has been pretty hectic since GDC 2010.  Sorry it has been so long since an update.  Dry your weary eyes.

So.  GDC.  Awesome.  Great to see everyone again.  Hope your mid-year endeavors have been kicking ass.

Speaking of Kick-Ass, I’m regretting to inform you at this moment, that Metalocalypse: The Dethgame has been canceled.  Why exactly, I cannot say.  I can say however, that I am exceedingly disappointed.  Personally speaking, I accomplished the best work of my sound design career to the date.  As a huge fan of the show and Brendan Small’s Dethklok, everyday working was met with new, exciting and fun challenges.  Brutal Legend’s release in October 2009 added some additional professional pressure to strive for the ultimate metal opus (thanks Double Fine).  I would love to extend a huge thanks to the Frozen Codebase development team.  It was a privilege and pleasure to work with all of you.  I hope our career paths cross again in the future.

In other news, recently I worked with Toy Studio on Pet Rescue for Facebook (Coming soon).  I had the pleasure of collaborating with friends, Jake Null and David Novak.  Lots of interesting details coming soon as we’re planning to add an articles section to the site; along with some music and SFX downloads.

For the time being, I’m working on some songs for a secret project, reworking the sound design demo reel, prepping post-production sound for a full length film this fall, and just being an all-around, handsome Chicagoan.

Thanks for stopping by.

Brass valves and brass knuckles,

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