“You’re Abe Froman?”

How you been, sweetheart? It’s been a pretty crazy summer. No rest for the wicked, as they say.

After the last super-belated update, I got a call from Mike Csurics about doing some songs for an upcoming 2K project. Not willing to rely on VSTs, I enlisted the help of former Chicagoan and old friend, Adam Bones. The Boners (Ben Crossbones and Adam Bones. Get it?) finally laid down their first single in the form of a 50’s instrumental rock and roll love song. I was privileged to team up with other fantastic musicians, Adam Boese and Chris Struif on a separate, post WWII jazz number. Fantastic work guys.

Then, Mike gives me another call and has 2K Games send me to LA to assist in the dialogue production for Xcom. It was an amazing experience to say the least. We were set up at POP studios in Santa Monica which was an insane departure from the usual indie budget that I’m very accustomed to (in this sense “indie” is synonymous with “no”). We were teamed up with famed Command and Conquer voice director, David Fries. If all this weren’t enough, we recorded Richard Steven Horvitz (voice of Invader Zim and Raz of Psychonauts), one of my all time favorite voice actors!

In September, I was once again drafted by the troops from the freezing north, Frozen Codebase. The first task at hand was tackling Jam City Rollergirls. To be completely fair and honest, I really didn’t have much of a hand in the audio production aside from a handful of sound effects and a bit of advice. Hopefully the game will be launched just in time for the WFTDA National Finals hosted on my home turf (Go WCR!). The title will be out for WiiWare and it’s a ton o’ fun. See what the indispensable, Rev. Norb had to say about it at PAX.

The second of crunches (a little under 3 weeks) was tackling the sound design duties for NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT. Let me start by saying, this was one of the most fun projects I have ever worked on. I was able to embrace the forms of Warner Bros., MGM and Hanna-Barbera cartoons which heavily influenced me early on in my journey through sound and music. I can recall several times sitting in front of my monitors just laughing at a single sound knowing where it would be placed in the game. My foley area eventually looked like Harpo Marx exploded. I was reminded once again: This is why I do what I do; this is why I love what I do. Nearly 250 unique sounds were created and implemented in this short amount of time. This was no mere one man operation near the end of the contract however. David Novak jumped on to help with some sound design. Later, he helped me produce songs for the soundtrack, as well as submit music of his own. Another hearty handshake and high five goes out to Apollo Occhino, our beloved and extremely hardworking programmer. No matter how much time and care was put into the sound design and music, it would be all for not if we didn’t have him placing his devotion into following extremely tedious and boring implementation notes. On a bragging note, I wrote the theme song for NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT too. I’m incredibly excited that the first couple of sounds the player will eventually hear will be my work! I’m looking forward to the game’s release as I am extremely proud of all the work that went in to the audio. All this on top of the fact the team at Frozen Codebase has made an amazing game. I have played it myself every day since I started on the project… not just for research and testing purposes. So, look forward to playing NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT when it comes out NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT for the NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT.

I guess that is all for right now. Try to catch me for a beer or Galaga high score challenge this week in Austin during the Game Developers Conference.

Brass valves and brass knuckles,

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