Reminds Me of “Quiet Town” by the Andrews Sisters

Whoa.  Hard to believe a year has gone by since the last news blog.  Where to begin…

Prey 2!  If you’re looking for news or secret insider updates, too bad.  Here is the already public trailer.  That’s all you get.


BurgerTime World Tour finally launched.  It’s now available for XBLA, PSN and WiiWare.

Sadly, J.E.R. Kit was outright banned for iOS.  Don’t worry, you can still kill hookers in GTA III for iPad.  What was all the fuss?  Good news Android users, you can still judge for yourself what the 5000+ users have already discovered.  Laugh with friends, embarrass your significant others.

Warning!  Nostalgia bomb detected!  Recently teamed up with The Men Who Wear Many Hats to do sound and music for an iOS and Android version of Organ Trail.  Oregon Trail?  No.  ORGAN Trail.

Next up.  More mobile madness (literally).  Noise production begins soon for a game by Furywing Games.  Not much I can say about it now.  I made the suggestion I base the soundtrack off the first 3 Madness albums.  They said enthusiasitcally, “Go for it!”  Fuck.  Yes.

Sound FX libraries?  You read my mind!  I have plans to release a few by 2013.

Hmmm… what else..?  I have rough plans to update all the other sections of the site soon.  I mean, christ, Duke Nukem and Guitar Hero jokes.  Pretty lame.  I know.

GDC 2012 looms just around the corner.  I’ll be there.

In other news, I quit smoking. No.. no… that didn’t happen.  An old friend and bandmate of mine released a country album.  Check it out.  Speaking of old pals, Greyslater made a soap version of “that thing on your arm”.  So buy one and pretend we’re taking a shower together.  Dirty and clean, sugar.

Ruckus and noise,
Ben Crossbones

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