Robots! Zombies! Arcades! Skateboards! 11-year-old Crossbones is jealous.

So.  Here we are again, internet.

2013 has already been completely nuts (reference here).  But before we get into all of that, let’s do some recap.

Most likely, you’re checking out the site because we bumped into each other at GDC 2013 and exchanged cards while I talked (bragged) about projects (myself).  Speaking of, did you check out Organ Trail since my last blog post?  See!  I told you it was good.  If you still haven’t grabbed it, it is available for iOS, Android, and PC/Mac.  The soundtrack has been getting killer reviews too.  You can grab that here.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD has had a pretty good run over the past 10 months.  “Wouldn’t sell that well”, they said.  Pffffft…highest grossing Xbox Summer of Arcade game ever!  No joke, the cats over at Robomodo are some of my most favorite people to work with and not just because my boss is Sub-Zero.

In November of last year, I was invited to re-join my alma mater, Toy Studio to help wrap up Beasties: Hello World with implementing the fantastic SFX and music by Todd Helsley and David Novak.

And then…I worked on an arcade game.  A fucking arcade game!  I honestly never thought I would get to do this in my career.  The Indie City Games group in Chicago put together a game jam project which culminated with an actual cabinet featuring several games from local developers standing proudly inside Emporium Arcade Bar.  I did sound and music for both Max Gentleman and Fermentatron.  Polygon has a great article about it here.

Then, in another weird turn of events, I did the sound design on a children’s game, ChuggaBugga.

I know.  Adorable, right?  I’m super proud of Ardor Entertainment and Doug Smith for striving to make a beautiful and fun app (and sounds pretty good too) for children.  It drives me crazy when developers think children are stupid and don’t deserve or appreciate craftsmanship.

RagTag Studios is launching a KickStarter for Ray’s the Dead!  “RagTag?  Where do I know those guys?” the perplexed reader asked aloud, alerting the sleeping cat/child/warden.  You know these fine people as members of the Stubbs the Zombie team!  Very ambitious and exciting project coming from this studio. Be sure to catch up with them at E3.

And, I guess that brings us to a close.  Awww..I know.  It seems like we were finally catching up.  You can tell me about that whatever thing with your whoever next time.

Stay frosty,

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