Gee, Mr. Hartunian…

And the information super highway brought you here! Congratulations! Sadly, we ran out of oven mitts after the 8th visitor. But since you made it out, we got a little somethin’ for ya.


If you are the proud owner of an Xbox One and a surround sound home theater system, check out Killer Instinct Season Two’s City of Dawn stage. Yeah, dude. Packed in a bunch of auditory treats for the discerning listener. Hope you dig it. Sure, short contract, but I had a blast digging into one of the most advanced Wwise systems to date. Plus, I got to work with Chase Ashbaker and pals over at Iron Galaxy! Their new office is a-ma-zing.

Back in August, Ray’s the Dead passed its kickstarter goal and began full production. For this PS4 indie title, we’re using Fmod Studio. Wow!..I mean, wow. Being primarily a Wwise user, I’ve been super impressed with this middleware solution. Firelight users, you know what I’m sayin’. Skeptics, I certainly endorse checking it out. Mega high fives to the Fmod support team as well. Technical limitations be damned! We’re getting all super natural weird with this title.

Brightskull is kicking some ass lately. Michael Csurics and I are working on some super secret stuff right now. In the meantime, give The Vanishing of Ethan Carter some of your time. Mike continues to pull off some amazing voice over direction in this title and bring some vibrant life to this narrative heavy detective story.

Jeez, champs. Don’t really have too much else to lay down for right now. NDAs, you know. I guess it couldn’t hurt to tell you I have been fucking killing it on the grill this past summer and fall. Yeah…that’s right. Midwest represent! In spring/summer of 2015, I’m considering adding a recipe section to this blog because reasons. No kidding, y’all. I have mastered my BBQ ribs recipe to the point where I’m making a formal request to Chicago Ribfest include an “amateur” category. I do savory. You want candy for dinner, go to a Fridays, chump.

…what? This blog gotta be about game audio all the time?

Farewell, true believers. See you at GDC 2015. Fair warning: I will have bottles of Malort with me. Do your homework before testing your might.

Brass valves and brass knuckles,

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