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Whoa nelly. I never update this page anymore. GDC is just around the corner, so I guess I need to get on that, right? On the short, I’ve been fucking busy, dudes and dudettes. Nothing has really been updated in a while because my focus has been on the work I’m doing and my free time (the little bit of it) has been in politics, activism, and occasionally learning new recipes.

Speaking of the work… In November of 2015, I left my beloved home of Chicago. Not an easy decision to make but I’m now a resident of Austin, TX. It’s been great so far. The weather is choice, kids. Shortly after getting here, I started working for GL33k, one of the best sound design and technical sound design groups in the games biz. I don’t know what else to say other than it has been fucking awesome.

So what have you been working on?

I did a small amount of work on We Are Chicago by Culture Shock Games. It’s an interactive narrative about the life of a young man living on the Southside of Chicago about to graduate from high school. Over the span of my life in Chicago, I lived in many different parts of the city. From a sound design perspective, it was fun to explore my memory for distinct Chicago sounds. From a human perspective, We Are Chicago is one of the most important projects I’ve worked on in my life.

I’m also working on Prey! It comes out on May 5, 2017. Not too much I can say at this point but there are tons of preview articles kicking around the internet. Is it fun? Fuck yeah. Does it sound awesome? Oh fuck yeah. It’s been a crazy ride of Cryengine and Wwise technical sound design and an insane amount of custom sounds. I have HOURS of recorded source and synth manipulations used in this project (including my superstar cat). And those are just my contributions; the team at GL33k really went all out. So, sure, maybe I’ll finally update my reel after that. …probably not.

Lastly, I’m also working on Wilson’s Heart by Twisted Pixel Games. Again, not too much I can say yet about this project either. It’s a super rad VR thriller. I’m having a ball working on it and I think you’ll enjoy it too.

I guess that’s it. Look me up on Twitter. I don’t post about audio too often but occasionally I’ll post about projects I’m working on from time to time. Mostly post about food and drinks though..and advice on how to punch Nazis. Come say “howdy” when you’re in Austin!

Ben Crossbones

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